Investment company Icebreaker Capital. We invest in innovation, create new, and scale up existing projects.

Venture capital investments. Focused on investing in DeepTech, FinTech, AI, and PropTech industry.

Creating startups with the British startup studio Wplace Tech LTD.

Scaling up startups to the markets of Europe, the USA, Asia through an extensive network of local partners.



We invest in new products and startups at an early stage of development. DeepTech, Fintech, AI. Providing a full cycle of services, from MVP development to scaling the final product to European markets: 1. Smart money up to 100k USD. 2. Product Development Management (Full-Stack Product Team) in exchange for a stake in the startup. 3. We can help you with business planning, pitching, and access to the right investors. 4. The choice of the optimal form of the company and jurisdiction. 5. Preparation of an investment contract for financing venture capital.


1.Creation of MVP/PoC, cross-platform approach to developing Platforms. 2. Building a scalable microservice architecture Kubernates. 3. Reducing the cost of cloud infrastructure 4. Creating a Fullstack product team. 5. Providing CTO-as-a-service.


Our team has over 20 years of experience and specializes in building SaaS, Platforms, Marketplaces in the direction of Telecom, Security, Fintech and AI: 1. Analysis of the market and competitors. 2. Localization of the language. 3. Connection to a payment gateway. 4. Adaptation of the product to legal requirements. 5. Building the Inbound Sales Marketing Engine 6. Business scaling to the European and Asian markets. 7. The attraction of investments: pre-seed, seed, Series A.


1. Reducing the cost of investing in a startup. 2. Simple and straightforward investment scheme, in accordance with British Law. 3. Reducing risks through MVP and early adopters. 4. Diversification of risks by investing in a portfolio. 5. Tax optimization for the LP. 6. Planned multiplier >x3.

How we work

We receive many submissions and evaluate companies along the following criteria:


The presence of key competencies in the team. Creating MVP. The ability to attract superstars. Successful experience before

Market size. The presence of a leader. Market segmentation. Who are the competitors

Having a problem. What is the innovation. Technical barriers to entry


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We make our 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience available to you. We have gathered experience as CTO, CFO, founders, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Alexander Velikiy

Managing Partner

Eugene Prorok